Vintage Apple Pitcher for Kitchen Decor

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Vintage Apple PitcherVersatile and functional, vintage apple pitchers make great additions to any apple kitchen design. Pitchers can be great decorating items. A flower vase, the focal point of a centerpiece, even a height element on a kitchen counter. And even to serve drinks from. There is both versatile and functional.

A Vintage Apple Kitchen Style

You may have chosen an apple theme for your kitchen decor, but you can take that a step further and pick a style, like vintage. It reminds us of sitting at Grandmother’s knee in her kitchen. The little accents that we add to our kitchen are what will give us a style of vintage.

These pitchers are some of the ones available on The talented designers have created many, many vintage apple pitchers. With so many, that can make the choice hard. So I’ve narrowed things down a bit for you.

Vintage Apple Crate Designs

My own sister has an eclectic style apple theme. While she loves the bold look of modern apple art posters for the wall, she also loves the look of vintage apple crates. I found a number of pitchers that show those crates. Again, the choice was hard, but I narrowed it down. Then found the perfect one to complement her kitchen color scheme.

Choosing Your Own Vintage Apple Accents

When it’s time to add your own vintage apple accents, take a look around your kitchen. What colors are already there? What colors do you want to enhance? What colors do you want to add? These will all be helpful to help you pick from the numerous options.

Think, too, about how you can use the accent. With a vintage apple pitcher, you have lots of decorating options as well. Of course, use it to serve your family’s favorite beverage. But, also consider the pitcher as a decor item. When not in use, it can sit in a corner of your counter top as part of a vignette. Try it as the focal point of your table centerpiece.

When you pick a vintage apple pitcher that works great to accent your kitchen decor, you have plenty of options. Enjoy them all. Try out new looks, too.

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  1. Mandee says:

    These pitches are so cute! I love the vintage advertising style for the apple pitchers. They are always so colorful and interesting. They would fit in any kitchen (apple or otherwise!)

  2. Cynthia says:

    These are really pretty pitchers. I certainly do love all of the Zazzle products. Really awesome!

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