Use Wall Art to Carry Your Apple Kitchen Theme

An Apple Kitchen doesn’t need to be just apple stuff, it can include wall hangings and artwork. You can find many areas in your kitchen to add a simple or more elaborate piece of wall art. Even if you have a small kitchen that doesn’t have lots of wall space, you can still find the right places to add to your apple look.

Options to Place Wall Art

Think about over the sink. If you have a window, a decal in an apple motif can be just right. How about on the sides of your cabinets? I’ll bet you will find them perfect for a wall plaque or two.

Remember clocks in an apple design make great wall art also. Plus, they are functional. Just adding an extra touch for your Apple Kitchen look.

Your Theme Can Help

Work with your theme to find the right wall art. If you have a country apple theme, think in terms of puppies and kittens playing with apples in your wall hanging. If you are going for a vintage look, you might think about an antique advertising sign.

A modern apple kitchen theme can include a stunning photographic print of apples. An eclectic look, of course, can include any of these. What’s important to think about is what you like, what makes you feel good when you look at it.

Think Overall Apple Kitchen Look

The trick here is be delighted with your overall look. So when you pick wall art for your kitchen look for things that cause you to say wow, would that look great in my kitchen. Then you will have an apple kitchen that you will enjoy being in. And that is what decorating your Apple kitchen is all about after all.

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