Use Red Accents in Your Apple Kitchen

If you chose red apples as part of your kitchen theme, use other red stuff to help carry your theme. You don’t need to have everything apple, you can have things that compliment the look. This works great for any theme you chose for your kitchen.

Even Green Accents Work

If you like green apples instead of red, your accents pieces can be green. The varieties of the color green are numerous, so you need to look for the right color. Olive green and forest green probably won’t compliment your green apple kitchen. So you will need to do a little searching to find just the right green. But they are available.

Working with color schemes in your kitchen decorating is a matter of choosing some basic colors and some accent colors. With any decorating, you want to work with the kind of color schemes that will match your decorating styles.

Using Table Linens for Red Accents

Red accents tend to be a little easier to match. Think of place mats for your table. You don’t necessarily have to have apple-shaped place mats. Although you can if you want to. But, you may find it easier to use a solid or checked red place mat.

Table linens can be the same way. Imagine a bright red table cloth with white napkins. This still carries your apple theme through your kitchen without overdoing the apple stuff.

Make Your Apple Kitchen Inviting

Of course, charming and stunning looking kitchens have been created with everything in it apple oriented. This is a matter of choosing your style and running with it. You want to make your kitchen one that is inviting to you. If you love, you will spend time in it and enjoy it. So whether you chose and all apple design kitchen or you mix it up with red, or green, accents is entirely up to your own tastes.

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