Use Apple Wall Decals to Decorate An Apple Kitchen

Apple-Wall-DecalsWall decals make a fun and easy way to decorate your apple kitchen. The ones here are charming additions that are designed to attach to any smooth surface without glue, nails or adhesive. And peeling them off leaves no mark on your walls or cabinets. They are that easy, really! No matter what your kitchen decorating style is, wall decals make a nice addition.

Easy Decorating

You can believe me when I tell you wall decals are easy ways to decorate. They really do stick to your walls. You only need a little bit of care to place them or rearrange them. You can trust me, because I am now the recognized expert with all my friends and relatives! I share my tips below. But your first step is to pick out which ones you want to use.

Apple Wall Decals


If you have a theme of country apple for your kitchen, these wall decals make a great addition. But a modern apple kitchen can also use them. It’s just a matter of how you arrange them in your kitchen. Try adding larger apple wall decals to make a border effect. These are fun to try out different arrangements in different sections of your kitchen.

Think how easy redecorating can be with wall decals. Just peel off and try a different look. Apple wall decals are inexpensive enough to get several packages and have plenty of decals to make the kind of designs and effects you want in your kitchen.

Don’t limit yourself to walls only. Think about the front of cabinets and the side of the refrigerator. All those unused spaces that can help carry your apple decor throughout the kitchen.

Application Tips

Wall stickers really are easy to work with when you take just a few precautions. Here are my tips from all my experience to help you out.

  • Go slowly when you peel the individual decals from their backing. Decals are vinyl, so you want to be careful not to stretch or tear them. If you go slow, this won’t happen.
  • Place the lower edge onto the wall and press them up as you go. By sliding one hand up as you go, while holding the top of the sticker away from the wall until you get to the top, you will prevent any bubbles, especially with the larger pieces.
  • When removing from the wall, always do the same thing. Peel slowly.
  • Start with the largest pieces first. Once you like where those are located, you can easily add in the little extras.

Stand Back and Admire

Of course, the final thing you want to do is to stand back and admire your work. You have created a great apple design in your kitchen. You should be proud of yourself.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    Excellent idea! I love wall decals because they are so easy to use — no hammer or nails, just stick. And, if it isn’t just right, re-stick it!

  2. Really this is good idea for decorate your kitchen by apple designing without any glue …

  3. Barb says:

    I love the idea of these apple-themed wall decals. There’s something so homey and inviting about the look. I’m going by the photos, of course. But someday when I have my own kitchen . . .

  4. Cynthia says:

    I really love the idea of decorating and adding little accent features to a room with decals. The apples really would be perfect for a kitchen!

  5. Growing up in the apple country of western New York State, with full run of a cider mill owned by my best friend’s dad just down the road, I have loved apples since an early age. Using apple wall decals to decorate a kitchen is the perfect theme, in my book.

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