Vintage Apple Kitchen Creations

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Retro Apple Decor VerticalFor many of us, the vintage look is a favorite way to go. But, if we live in a more modern home with a modern kitchen, the question becomes how to do create a vintage apple kitchen. Aha! We have found your answer. Author, Mandee Sears has shown us the way.

Vintage Stylings in a Modern Kitchen

In her article, Retro Ideas – Retro Décor, Mandee has shown how her sister created this look in her own kitchen. Taking a modern kitchen and using vintage items can create a lovely look as you will see through the author’s photos of that beautiful kitchen. Mandee explains how to use unexpected places to achieve charming results.

You’ll read about and see some of her suggestions for adding shelf space over doorways, along columns, even using the bulkhead above kitchen cabinets to display vintage apple items. Take a look at where the clock is positioned above the kitchen sink. Picture your own choice of apple clock sitting there.

But it’s more than just vintage and retro items, Mandee shows how to mix it up with modern items, too, creating an eclectic look. Your own apple-theme kitchen can easily be turned into a vintage or retro look using her suggestions and advice.

More About the Designer

Mandee Sears is a talented designer who’s favorite style is vintage. She is co-owner of a shop called Vintage with a Twist. Visit her website designed around creating a vintage home. You’ll see lots of ideas for vintage decorating, including creating vintage centerpieces. We are thrilled that she shared her article on her sister’s vintage apple kitchen with us. She is also the photographer for those stunning photos and generously allowed us to use the ones here.

Decorating Styles for an Apple Kitchen

Picking your style is often about your own preferences. And mixing up styles works great, too. All of this is about the accessories you choose. We all gravitate to certain items. They will end up having some kind of a style about them.

With a vintage style for your apple kitchen, it’s simply a matter of things from past eras. You can work with a single era, like the 1950’s called Retro, or you can work with multiple eras. Some accessories from the Old West of the late 1800’s and some from the Roaring 20’s. These can all work to create your own vintage apple kitchen.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    Vintage is so fun! The possibilities are endless. I really like the idea of an vintage apple kitchen. May have to talk with my sister… Thanks for the shout out, Susan! Much appreciated!

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