Working With Kitchen Decorating Styles

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Kitchen-Decorating-StyleDecorating your kitchen is all about your own style. Every one of us is attracted to various items. These will come together to create your own kitchen decorating style. Whether you are aware of it or not.

Basic Kitchen  Decorating Styles

There are several basic styles in decorating. Each of these styles come together in the different items you choose to include. They can also help you determine the color schemes you will use.

  • Modern – a clean, even crisp look. Often with plenty of open space. A modern style usually includes bold colors and decorating items. Think about things like large artwork, single large counter items or simple big centerpieces on tables.
  • Vintage or antique – subdued or pale colors with lots of stuff. Décor items will come from past eras. Multiple items will be grouped together and there will be lots of them. Either functional or just decorative both work in a vintage or antique style.
  • Country – reminding you of a farm house kitchen. A country style can be vintage, as in farm kitchens from the past. But it can also be more of a modern look. Think checks, plaids and wood for decorating.
  • Eclectic – a combination of any or all of the other styles. A modern piece of artwork on the wall combined with a plaid tablecloth, and a vintage centerpiece create an eclectic style.

Creating Your Own Kitchen Decorating Style

Think about the things that you like in your kitchen. Those things that you gravitate towards simply because you like them. Those are the ones that will create your own kitchen decorating style.

My sister is in love with everything apple décor. She just fully gravitates toward anything with apples on it. She has a very modern looking wall clock with a large single apple on the face. Yet she has a charming replica of a vintage wooden apple crate as part of her table centerpiece. These items she chose because she loved them just a soon as she saw them. That’s her style.

You may prefer more subdued colors, groups of apples, and a look that reminds you of Gramma’s kitchen. Your kitchen decorating style will be more eclectic with a combination of both vintage and country. That’s just fine. Those styles tend to go together well.

Kitchen Decorating That You Love

No matter what you choose to include in your apple themed kitchen, make sure everything is what you love. This is a room you will be in many times during the day. You want to feel good every single time you enter.

If you’ve chosen items that just aren’t right, change them. It’s really that simple. Make your kitchen decorating style your own and you will love being there.



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  1. Cynthia says:

    Because I tend to also gravitate towards things I like, instead of sticking to a particular style, my kitchen is definitely eclectic, and all me.

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