Apple Aprons: Functional and Decorative

Apple-ApronsApple aprons can be both functional and decorative. Really. You normally think only of wearing aprons, the functional side, but you can also decorate your Apple Themed Kitchen using aprons as well. I’m going to show you how. It’s how I have done in my own apple kitchen and it’s easy. I promise.

A Great New Look In the Kitchen

The first step is simple. You get to pick out some favorite aprons. Get several. I have about 6 of them. But only three at a time are on display as part of my decorating. When I get in the mood for an new look or feel to my Apple Kitchen, it’s easy to switch a few items around like replace the aprons I am used to seeing with the three that I have stored away. Presto, easily I have a new look.

Get Started Easily

So pick out those apple aprons. Then get one of those great shelves made for hanging keys or mugs. Place an apple accent piece, like a cookie jar, on the shelf and hang your aprons on the pegs below. Decorative and handy for use so they will be functional as well.

You can also get a hat stand or coat rack, those kind that stand all by themselves. If you have the floor space in your kitchen, this can be an easy way to show off your apple aprons and make them decorative, as well as functional. I told you it was easy. Here are some of my favorite apple aprons to get you started.


 Now Designs Kitchen Style Basic Apron, Harvest Apples Jessie Steele Apple of My Eye Farmer’s Market Apron, Blue Jessie Steele Apple of My Eye Bib Gigi Apron, Black


Apron Styles

I am a big fan of the Jessie Steele Apron designs. They are both cute and quite decorative. Often reminding me of a more flirty era for lady’s aprons. These are my favorite aprons to wear when I am playing the hostess. But there are times when I like the functional work horse type aprons. The first choice on the left is one of those. A more simple style without the extra cutsy decorations. That makes it not only decorative but functional too.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    I love aprons for wearing and displaying! What a wonderful suggestion. I can just see apple themed aprons hanging and waiting to be used in an apple themed kitchen. Awesome!

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