A Welcoming Apple Kitchen to Enjoy

When your apple kitchen has a welcoming feel to it, you will enjoy it more. You will want to be in it either to cook, if you do, or just to enjoy coffee or tea time. Your family and guests will also enjoy being in your apple kitchen.

Easy Redecorating Ideas

If you are uncomfortable with the look or feel of your kitchen, it’s time to change it out. Time to add new accent pieces and wall decorations that bring out the joy of your own personality. Apple kitchen accents can include simple things like a cookie jar or a set of salt and pepper shakers. Maybe a wall clock in an apple design. These types of things make simple ways to improve the feel of your apple kitchen.

Apple Wall Decals

You can certainly add wallpaper in an apple motif, if you are ready to do a larger re-decorate on your kitchen. Even repainting with a color that makes you feel good, then adding a border that carries your apple kitchen theme makes a great re-decorate project. A very simple idea is to include apple wall decals. They adhere to any smooth surface and don’t require the work of repainting or papering. Take a look at apple wall decals to see lots of choices for your own kitchen.

Feeling Good in Your Apple Kitchen

Everything you do for your apple kitchen should make you feel good. Make you feel like you want to be there. That’s what an inviting and welcoming kitchen is all about.

Don’t be afraid to carry your apple theme as far as your personality allows. If your personality likes a simple, uncluttered look, then go for a few accents pieces. Just some special touches that make the apple look come alive. If, on the other hand, you love to surround yourself with lots of d├ęcor items in all sizes and shapes, then go for it. Add small wall plagues to every available space on your walls. Fill your counters with apple accent pieces. Set your table with all apple placemats and dishes.

This is the time to think about a welcoming kitchen, and that comes about because it matches your personality. It matches the way you feel about the things that surround you in your apple kitchen.



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  1. Mandee says:

    I want a welcoming kitchen for sure! Not tons of clutter but items that make me feel comfortable, homey. Apple canisters and decals and a great suggestions for just the right touch!

  2. I love a touch of red to brighten my day and red apples make the perfect addition to my kitchen decor!

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